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We use responsive design, an approach of designing web pages and laying out their structure so that it 'responds' to users viewing the same site in various devices (computer, tablets, mobile phones) by presenting the content in a format and structure, that is optimized for that device's screen resolution.

What this means that your website with responsive design looks good, and remains user friendly whether it is viwed on a giant tv screen, a regular computer, a tablet, or a mobile device with much smaller screen size and resolution.

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A responsive website gives your visitors ease of access by ensuring:

Easy navigation.

Easy readability of content.

Minimized effort of panning and scrolling.

Intelligent and helpful interaction options with the device.

Thus, with responsive design, no matter what device your users are using to view your site, they always have an optimized and consistent experience, which is more likely to lead to them engaging with you, leading to much higher conversion rates.

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